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In this tutorial, you will learn how to manage cancels in (CGW).

This feature allows you to provide your customer with a refund quote for canceling their vehicle service contract or prepaid maintenance contract. Refunds are based on the unused miles or months of the contract. This option is only available for contracts that are already in CGW.

Get a Cancel Quote

A customer wants to cancel their vehicle service contract or prepaid maintenance contract. You will use the Cancel Quote feature to provide your customer with a refund quote.

1. Select Cancels > Cancel Quote from the left navigation menu.

Cancel Quote

2. In the Cancel Quote dialog, you will enter details to obtain a cancellation refund quote:

Contract Number
The customer’s contract in question. You can perform a partial search here. For example, if the contract number is 4337329, you can enter 433 and CGW will pull up all contracts beginning with those numbers.
The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
Click this button to search for the customer's contract.

Cancel Quote Dialog

3. A second Cancel Quote dialog opens where you must confirm your customer’s decision to cancel the contract by clicking Yes:

Cancel Quote Dialog Two

4. A third Cancel Quote dialog opens where you will enter additional information related to the cancel:

By default, today’s date is displayed. Enter the official date of the cancellation if it is not today’s date.
Cancellation Mileage
Enter the mileage of the vehicle at the time of the cancellation.
Cancellation Reason
Select a reason for the cancellation from the drop-down menu. Your choices include:

· Customer Request

· Repossession

· Sale Unwound

· Totaled

· Trade In

Any claims in last 60 days?
Indicate whether or not this customer has had any claims in the last 60 days against the contract they are cancelling.
Click this button to cancel and exit out of the cancellation process.
Click this button to save your changes and continue with the contract cancellation process.

Cancel Quote Dialog Three

5. A final Cancel Quote dialog provides two options:

Click this button to return to the previous dialog.
View Request Form
Click this button to print out the cancellation paperwork for the customer. As indicated at the top of the next dialog, the quote is only good for 14 days from today’s date.

Cancel Quote Dialog Four

6. If you click View Request Form, CGW displays the cancellation request paperwork:

Cancellation Request Paperwork