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In this tutorial, you will learn how to manage transmittals in (CGW). A transmittal is an invoice or a record of sale of an F&I product. When the bank funds a customer’s loan, you (the dealer) initiate the invoice process by creating a transmittal to pay the third-party administrator or product provider, such as CGW, for any F&I products the customer purchased along with the vehicle. After creating the transmittal, you print out the paperwork and send the payment to the third-party administrator.

Using CGW, you can also search for unpaid and paid F&I product contracts. 

When the third-party administrator receives your transmittal, they process the transmittal by validating contract and payment information. 

Using this tutorial, you will learn how to process transmittals.

Processing Transmittals

In this section, you will learn about processing transmittals. When the third-party administrator receives the transmittal paperwork and payment from your dealership, they will perform validations to ensure that the payment amount and contract information is correct. The third-party administrator uses the Process Transmittals feature to finalize or process the transmittal. 

1. Select Transmittal > Process Transmittals from the left navigation menu.

Process Transmittals

2. In the Process Transmittals dialog, where the third-party administrator can process the transmittal:

Transmittal Number
The transmittal number pertaining to transmitted (or invoiced) contracts
The third-party administrator agency.
The third-party administrator agent.
Dealer Group
The dealership group who sold the F&I product
The dealer who sold the F&I product
Start Date
The start date for the process transmittal report
End Date
The end date for the process transmittal report
Product Types
The F&I product type involved in this transmittal
The payment status:

· All includes all transmittals, regardless of payment status.

· Paid includes paid transmittals.

· Unpaid includes unpaid transmittals.

Process Transmittals Dialog

3. At the bottom of the Process Transmittals dialog are three buttons:

UI Item
New Search
This clears out the Transmittal Number field and allows you to search for a new transmittal number.
This opens a new panel where you have several options. For more information see, “Submitting the Transmittal”.
View in PDF
This opens a new panel where you have several options. To view the report in a PDF, click Print.

Submitting the Transmittal

When you click Submit in the previous dialog, a new panel is displayed below the New Search, Submit, and View in PDF buttons:

Submit Panel

You have three options:

Selecting this options opens a new Process Transmittals dialog, which displays all the contracts relating to this transmittal.
Select this option to edit the transmittal number, check amount, and posting month/year.
Select this to print the process transmittal report in PDF or Microsoft® Excel format.

Processing the Transmittal

When you click Process in the previous dialog, a new dialog appears where you can select contracts and process them:

Process Transmittals

Transmittal # Checkboxes
Select the checkboxes next to the contracts you are processing.
Check Number
Enter the payment check number.
Check Amount
Enter the check amount.
Posting Month
Enter the posting month.
Posting Year
Enter the posting year.
Click this to cancel the transaction.


When you submit the transmittal, you receive a confirmation: