For a Video Tutorial on this Topic, see Working with Claims.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to edit claims in (CGW). 

When customers have service performed that is covered by the pre-paid maintenance contract, you (the dealer) use CGW to submit those claims to the third-party administrator and close them when the service has been completed and the claim is ready to be paid.

Editing Claims

In this section, you will learn how edit the details of a claim that has been submitted. You can only edit open claims. Closed claims are finalized and cannot be edited. 

1. Select Claims > Edit Claim from the left navigation menu.

Edit Claims

2. In the Edit Claim dialog, you will begin the process of editing an open claim. Many fields are non-editable. This table includes only those fields that you can edit.

Service Advisor 
The dealership service advisor for this claim.
Claim Open Date
The date when the claim was first opened. If you are not sure about the date, select a date in the past such as 30 days ago.
Vehicle Mileage
You can change the vehicle’s mileage here.
RO Number
You can change the repair order number here.
Service Required
If you need to select a different service option for this claim, do so here.
Total RO Amount
You can change the total repair order amount here.
Amount Reimbursed
You can change the amount reimbursed by the third-party administrator to the dealership for the customer’s service.
New Search
To cancel out of this claim and begin a new claim search, click this button.
Reprint Claim
To reprint the claim paperwork, click this button.
Submit Changes
To submit your changes, click this button. This finalizes the claim editing process.

Edit Claims Dialog