For a Video Tutorial on this Topic, see Working with Claims.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to close claims in (CGW). When customers have service performed that is covered by the pre-paid maintenance contract, you (the dealer) use CGW to submit those claims to the third-party administrator and close them when the service has been completed and the claim is ready to be paid. 

Closing Claims

In this section, you will learn how close claims. You close a claim when the services have been performed and you are ready to receive payment.

There are two ways to search for open claims: 

  •  You can use the Search Claims dialog to search for specific claims by contract number or VIN.
  •  You can use the procedure discussed in this section to search for all open claims for your dealership.

1. Select Claims > Close Claims from the left navigation menu.

Close Claims

2. In Select Claim panel of the Close Claims dialog, CGW displays a list of all open claims for your dealership. Click Close next to the claim you want to close. 

Select Claim Panel

3. The Close Claims dialog displays a Claim Review panel where you can review information and close the claim.

Total RO Amount
You can change the repair order total amount if needed.
RO Number
You can change the repair order number if needed.
To cancel the claim closure process, click this button.
Close Claim
To continue with the claim closure process, click this button.

Claim Review Panel

4. When you click Close Claim, another dialog appears confirming that you have successfully closed the claim. You have two options:

This takes you back to the previous dialog where you can search for more claims to close.
Print Screen
This allows you to print the closed claim paperwork.

Close Claims Dialog