For a Video Tutorial on this Topic, see New Deal Training Video Series.


A deal traverses through several states in (CGW). The main states of a deal are: 

  • New. A new deal is a brand new F&I product deal that you create in CGW for your customer. 
  • Pending. A new deal becomes a pending deal (is saved in CGW) when you fill out all required information and click Continue or Save as Pending Deal.
  • Recent/Unpaid (Delivered). A deal becomes recent/unpaid (or delivered) deal when you print and deliver the paperwork to the customer by: 
    •  Clicking Print for Delivery in the Products dialog. 
    • Clicking Continue in the Deal Details dialog.  
  • Finalized. A deal is not finalized until you finalize it using the Recent/Unpaid Deals dialog.

Using this tutorial, you will learn how to finalize a deal.

Finalizing Deals

Deals waiting to be finalized are listed in the Recent/Unpaid Deals dialog. At this point, you have created a new deal or completed a pending deal. You have delivered the paperwork to your customer, and you are ready to finalize the deal.

1. To access recent/unpaid deals, select Deals > Recent/Unpaid Deals from the left navigation menu.

Recent/Unpaid Deals – Navigation Menu

2. The Recent/Unpaid Deals dialog appears:

 Recent/Unpaid Deals Dialog

3. From the Pending Deals dialog, you have two options:

Summary Change
Select this to access the Deal Summary dialog where you can make certain changes to the deal and reprint it for the customer’s signature. For more information, see the section below "Using the Deal Summary Dialog to Finalize the Deal".
Select this to mark the contract as finalized in the system.

Using the Deal Summary Dialog to Finalize the Deal

You can use these Deal Summary dialog panels to make certain changes to the deal:

F&I Producer
Use this panel to select the F&I Producer. Then, click Update Producer to update this information in CGW.
Selected Products


Use these panels to reprint the finalized F&I paperwork by clicking the Reprint button next to an F&I product.

 The Deal Summary dialog contains several important buttons:

Modify Deal/Products
This takes you to the Products dialog where you can make last-minute changes to the deal and product selections. For more information on using the Products dialog, see "Using Quick Quote" in "Deals > New Deals". When you have made all your changes, click Print for Delivery at the bottom of the dialog to print the paperwork for your customer.
Deal Unwound/Void


This allows you to completely unwind and void this deal, wiping it from the system. If you click this button, the Confirm Unwind/Void dialog appears:

Click OK to confirm your decision. This opens the Contract/Agreement Void or Termination form, which you will print out and have your customer sign to confirm the voiding of this deal.

This allows you to finalize the deal. You will see a dialog similar to the following:

If applicable, enter the Finance Reserve and Payment Play Reserve amounts. Then click Finalize to finalize the deal.