Edit Contracts

You can easily edit the details of a contract. You use this feature by looking up a contract in the Contract Lookup dialog. For more information, see "Tools > Look Up Contract".

Contract Lookup

After looking up a contract in the Contract Lookup dialog, the Contract Search Results panel appears:

Contract Search Results

1. Here, click the Actions button next to the desired contract and select Edit Contract from the drop-down list.

2. Make your edits in the Edit Contract dialog:

Item  Description
Customer First Name Edit the customer’s first name.
Customer Last Name Edit the customer’s last name.
Address 1 and
Address 2
Edit the customer’s street or mailing address.
City Edit the customer’s city of residence.
State Edit the customer’s state of residence.
Zip Edit the customer’s zip code.
Lender Change the customer’s lender associated with this contract.
Sold For Edit the amount of the “sold for” contract price.
Cancel Click this button to discard your changes.
Save Changes Click this button to save your changes.

Edit Contract